Early Cyberspace Dreams: Did growing up with the connectivity of the internet age defeat loneliness and does it affect modern art?


Netart I created, I enjoyed working on this haha.


This is a really strange thought to process, but lately I have been thinking more and more about loneliness in a virtual age and in particular how it affects art. How can one be so lonely in, debatably, the most connected period of time. People my age (20 or younger) are growing up in an age without solitude. We live in a world were we are constantly connected to a vast amount of people via social networking. In my case, I wake up, check Reddit, check my phone for calls or texts from the night before, reply to those texts or calls, check Facebook, check my Instagram, tweet, start my day, text, check my Facebook, ect continuously throughout the day, and most people I know have a similar schedule whether or not they realize it. I think there used to be a point in time in which people were lonely. For instance there was a time where, if you left your house or apartment, you were virtually incapable of socializing or being able to communicate with whomever you wanted at any given time. You were confined to the occasional phonebooth that paved the city streets maybe one every three miles from each other. And even then you couldn’t see what your friend Stewart had for lunch that evening and elaborate about it, discuss it with him, or express feeling about what you had for lunch that evening. That solitude that people in a previous age had to endure is no longer present in todays society, or is it?

We often forget that the present AND future are made up of fragments of the past, so despite the internet, social media, and cell phones theoretically destroying loneliness, there is still a great deal of loneliness to be experienced through these means. In a sense, it can be mocked up as experiencing virtual loneliness or the feeling’s loneliness creates but without actually being alone. One could argue that the majority of people who experience depression or some other condition feel alone even when they are in the presence of others. But in this instance, we are talking about the virtual experience, and not the feeling itself. It is almost as if the modern internet was built from the ground up with relinquishing loneliness as a championed accomplishable goal. But its just not. The internet may be a tool for you to communicate with, but it is a tool that does not stop the user from realizing just how out of tune with reality a computer and virtual reality can make you feel. Just as people fail to identify and befriend certain groups of people and end up clinging to different groups in the physical reality, people often fall niche to certain netgroups or niche internet communities were they become entwined in a virtual one. The problem with that is that in the physical reality there is much more to experience, and in the virtual one alot of the experience is stripped down and becomes streamlined. It becomes almost devoid of all real interaction. You are not truly enjoying each other, you are experiencing a flawed replica of what true interaction is. And I think, that’s were the problem lies. The internet, in many ways, is a replica of reality. It will never fill your subconscious needs and tropes in a way that your physical reality does.

So, there is this new thing called NetArt. Well for you hipsters out there, its probably not new, but none the less its pretty cool and strange. As a shitty way of segueing from the lack of solitude in the internet age into netart I want to make a statement; I honestly don’t know if its lifeless or not, but I feel like it definitely is. 



Synonymous in style and composition to Vaporwave but in a non-audible way, Netart is the visual representation of growing up with the internet. I dont know, if I have more to say about it other than as long as it doesn’t go too far into the mainstream I think we will be ok. (Unfortunately it already has: LOLOLOLOLOLWUT AND WHY WOULD SHE DO THIS, THE SONG DOES NOT MATCH THE AESTHETIC WHAT SO EVER)  

I guess in conclusion, does this type of art reflect loneliness? 

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